Molo, a tech startup from New York City in the US, has launched a new marina management platform on the iPad and web for marinas and yacht clubs. The new tool brings simple marina management tools leveraging cloud technology to minimise IT costs.

Molo was designed in collaboration with marina managers and owners, using their experience and interaction with the software as a constant priority. The developer claims that the software brings ease of use to marinas and yacht clubs, allowing them to focus on running and growing their business. Reservations are created with a few simple clicks, payments are processed in the office or boat-side with just a few taps on the iPad.

“There is no need for expensive servers, networks or IT employees in order to run Molo. Everything you need is accessible through an iPad or web browser on your computer and is backed up to secure cloud servers to allow access to Molo anytime from anywhere,” explains the company in a statement.

A low investment gives marina professionals opportunity to decrease costs, reduce accounts receivable, accept all types of credit cards at a low fixed rate, track electricity usage, manage staff and more.

Molo pricing is subscription-based and is matched to the number of slips in the marina. This makes Molo affordable for operations of all sizes.

“Molo remains committed to helping the boating industry with powerful and simple tools for managing marinas and yacht clubs,” says Lucas Isola, Molo co-founder.