Ian Waugh of GMDSS4all.net is now providing an ‘onboard’ training service for GMDSS equipment familiarisation – and also for helicopter communications. The service has been developed for two reasons. Firstly – when people leave their GMDSS radio course, having passed the examination – they often find themselves onboard the vessel with totally different equipment to that on which they were trained. Pressure of work usually means that there is little time to devote to ‘reading manuals’, so a one-day familiarisation visit from Waugh can offer confidence.

Secondly – and in particular for vessels that have a helideck – their (marine) GMDSS radio operator certificate does not cover aeronautical radio. The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has a Radio Operator Certificate of Competence– the ROCC (Offshore Communication Service) – that is specific to helideck communications in an ‘offshore’ environment (vessels and offshore installations).

Waugh has delivered onboard training in Antibes, Barcelona, Caspian Sea, Eemshaven, Gdansk, La Ciotat, Monaco, Palma de Mallorca, Piraeus, St Maarten, San Remo, San Diego, Tarragona and Viareggio – and is willing to travel to virtually anywhere to deliver training.