By David Robinson

A new superyacht brand called DL Yachts Dreamline launched at the Cannes Yachting Festival last week. The brand is headquartered in Austria but the yacht series ranging from 26m-49m (85.4ft-161ft) will be built in two yards – a DL Yachts-owned yard in Fano, Italy and the other in Viareggio where a production line is being set up at the Rossi Navi facility. It has a sales and marketing centre in Monaco.

The company and branding originates from Peter Zuber, who has 35 years’ marine industry experience and has masterminded the DL Yachts philosophy and strategy. DL’s management and design team is headed by Paolo Bencivenni, CEO of DL Yachts Dreamline. Olga Suhodoliscaia is sales director.

The Dreamline yachts, which come in 26m, 30m, 34m, 40m, 46m and 49m sizes, are all designed by Enrico Gobbi at the Team4Design office in Venice. Team4Design is headquartered in Dubai and has been associated with the design of Dominator, Oceanco, Hatteras and Regal yachts.

All DL yachts feature a special ‘lama chine waveless hull’ designed by Guiseppe Arrabito at Arrabito Naval Architects. Its shape, which has taken several years to refine, provides the benefit of reducing fuel consumption (75l/h at 12kt in displacement trim) and it also provides for a high 3,500Nm range. In semi-planing trim, the hull design allows for a top speed of 30kt.

EcoPerformance Technology powered by Siemens Hybrid means that there is very little noise or vibration from the engines and generators. It also provides for a comfortable ride with its resulting wave cutting action.

At the Cannes show the company showed a 26m, the first Dreamline yacht built for a European client. All yachts in the Dreamline range can be built in either composite or aluminium, with the former being built in Fano and the latter at Rossi Navi in Viareggio.

Suhodoliscaia told SB: “The company only builds to order and a 34m is currently in build at Fano for completion in a couple of months and this will be followed by two 26m yachts for delivery in March and June 2015.”