A new superyacht marketing firm has launched in the UK. EYE, which stands for Elite Yachting Experiences, is a digital and creative marketing agency that was set up by three experts in their individual fields – Delissa Needham, David Shaw and James Munn. Together they will assist superyacht brokers to fully embrace digital marketing procedures.

Delissa Needham is an executive film and TV producer, having provided successful programming for audiences worldwide through the BBC and Sky. She is also a broadcast strategist and industry commentator.

Joining Needham is marketing strategist David Shaw, a tech savvy entrepreneur and public speaker on people’s buying habits, and yacht broker James Munn. Munn has built, captained and brokered yachts for over 30 years.

“There are no watchable quality films about yachts,” Needham explains. “We set up EYE to change that – to market the world’s most prestigious luxury superyachts by telling their amazing stories.”

For more information, visit www.e-y-e.co

Delissa Needham of EYE contributed the ‘Stern Talk’ column for SB February