A group of Greek yachting companies active in the charter, brokerage, management, insurance and construction of large yachts has formed the Greek Yachting Association (GYA) and announced the launch of a new charter yacht show to be held in May.

Formed in late 2013, the GYA and its member companies represent 90 per cent of the crewed charter yachts in Greece under central agency agreement. Its objectives are to maintain high standards of professionalism in charter, sales and yacht management; to cooperate with the MYBA Worldwide Yachting Association and its member companies; and to organise an annual charter yacht show for Greek and foreign-flagged charter yachts under central agency agreement.

The GYA is to host the 1st Mediterranean Yacht Show in the historic Greek town of Nafplion from May 3-7, 2014. More details are expected to follow soon.

In the meantime, the GYA has chosen Michael Skoulikidis to act as president, with Stefanos Macrimihalos and Aris Drivas both serving as vice president.

Founding companies include AB Felix, Aris Drivas Yachting, Atalanta Golden Yachts, Athens Yachts, Big Blue Yachting, Cape4 Yachting, Istion Yachting, Megisti Blue Yacht Charters, North Star Yachting, Parsifal Yachting and Seascape Yacht Charters.

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    New yachting association forms in Greece