Oceania Marine has taken over the manufacturing facility and staff formerly operated by Specialist Marine Interiors Ltd (SMI) following the acquisition of the SMI brand. The yacht interiors specialist now operates under the brand name Oceania Interiors.

Stairwell passage by Oceania Interiors for superyacht 'Blind Date'

Stairwell passage by Oceania Interiors for superyacht ‘Blind Date’

Oceania Marine has re-branded its marine interiors subsidiary from Specialised Manufactured Interiors to Oceania Interiors. The move follows on from the acquisition of the SMI brand last year.

Six months ago the New Zealand-based company took over the manufacturing facility and staff formerly operated by SMI. Oceania Marine did not purchase SMI’s business but did acquire the brand, which the new company initially operated under.

“Our thinking was that SMI had successfully completed a large number of Superyacht interior projects over a number of years and it would be a shame if that legacy was lost. So, we decided to give it six months before we considered any changes to the brand or how the facility operated. We realised that the brand came with ‘baggage’ but we wanted to give it a chance and see if we could resurrect it,” explains Oceania Marine MD Martin Gleeson.

The six-month ‘trial period’ expired and a review by Oceania Marine Corporate Services determined that the sales and business development aspects of the business would benefit considerably from full integration with Oceania Marine.

As a result a restructuring of the interiors company has taken place with support in sales and business development coming from the Oceania Marine team.

The business has also been re-branded so that it joins the Oceania Marine brand, hence, Oceania Interiors.

Gordon French served as operations manager when Oceania Marine took over and he has been confirmed in the role going forward.

Commenting on the rebranding, French says: “I and the staff were excited at the prospect of Oceania Marine taking over. We could see the benefits of being part of a bigger and more diverse business and we think our integration into the Oceania Marine Group is just what we need at this point. In fact results have been almost instant because as soon as the changes were made we have signed up a number of exciting projects and are about to start work on a number of refits within the Oceania Marine shipyards.”

The re-branding as Oceania Interiors relies heavily on the existing Oceania Marine brand and is well under way.

New logos have been designed to be closely followed by marketing collateral as well as a new website.

The company has already adapted its social media presence to promote the new name. This will be followed by attendance at all the main yacht shows over the next twelve months.

Oceania Interiors provides a technically advanced design service that takes the interior from the initial renderings and general arrangement to a full 3D model which is CNC cut for precision.

In the ‘state-of-the-art’ 1900sq m manufacturing facility located close to North Shipyard, the interior takes shape before being dry assembled, checked and packed for shipment to the install site which can be anywhere in the world. Oceania Interiors’ install team then travels to the site to complete the job.