By Olivier Voituriez

Specialising in aluminium-built boats, Ocea Yacht has just reported an order for a 29.9m unit in the Commuter range of classic yachts by architects Joubert-Nivelt. The boat will be delivered in the summer of 2016.

Ocea has not built a yacht since 2011, when it produced the 47m helicopter-carrier the Elisabet.

Founded in 1987, the Ocea Shipbuilding group has a turnover of €70m and a staff of 300. It has four production sites on the Atlantic coast of France. The group builds an annual 15 to 20 boats, up to 85m long, including patrol boats, passenger vessels, environment, fishing and motor yachts. Around 95% of its revenue comes from the export market.

The motoryacht range is built at Sables d’Olonnes, where the group has recently invested €15m on a new and ultra-modern site spread over 1 hectare, with three 77m long and 19m high construction halls. Units of up to 85m in length will be built at this new production site, which is both self-financed and funded by a group of banks.