Oculus Technologies, the Dutch company responsible for superyacht infotainment solution YachtEye, has announced a “significant” financial investment into the group.

The investment partner, whose identity is to remain anonymous, is said to be very familiar with the maritime and superyacht industry and brings with them extensive and valuable knowledge and experience.

The partnership will enable Oculus to further develop the company and take its product range and services to a higher and more extensive level across a broader range of opportunities.


Oculus co-founder Stefan van Cleef

“We are incredibly proud and excited to have received a financial investment in Oculus Technologies that will enable us to substantially further grow and develop the company,” says Oculus co-founder Stefan van Cleef.

“Our investment partner brings with them not only the capital that will help us make this growth a reality but also the experience and knowledge of our market sector that makes them the ideal partner for the company.”

The additional financial resources will allow Oculus to grow its team, with an additional five or six positions across both sales and technical roles due to become available. Furthermore, Oculus will now be looking at further developing and diversifying its product portfolio.

Alongside YachtEye, the flagship guest infotainment system for superyachts, Oculus will bring more high-end infotainment products and solutions to market.

Plans and details of the specific developments and new products will be released in the coming months.