The Perini Navi Group has closed the contract for the second yacht in its 38m (125ft) Racing Line. Sloop C.2130 is under construction at the Perini Navi Group’s Picchiotti shipyard in La Spezia and is scheduled to be delivered in 2015.

Compared with her sister ship P2, the project for hull C.2130 has been designed according to a brief for fast and easy sail handling through three semi-automatic Perini Navi electric captive winches.

This sloop will mount laminated sails and will have a carbon fibre-furling boom for performance and safety in all conditions. Hull and superstructure are in Sealium, a light- weight aluminium alloy that is highly corrosion resistant.

Thanks to widespread use of latest generation carbon fibre in the boom, standing rigging, spreaders roll bar and helms, the yacht’s displacement is 160 tonnes while its GT is 171 tonnes. In addition, the yacht’s deck hardware will allow for competitive performance with limited crew.

The project features a “Silent Night” system, which for the first time, will be installed aboard a Perini Navi yacht. This system lets all onboard systems run on batteries while the generators are off. Running in “Silent Night” mode allows guests to enjoy eight hours of complete silence.

The interiors are designed by the Perini Navi Design Department in a different layout compared to P2. The design aims for a sporty elegance that aims to optimise space and storage areas.

Perini Navi Group has also announced several other yachts under construction. The second yacht in its 60m line, sloop C.2218, is due for delivery in 2014, and the first yacht in its 70m line is due for delivery in 2015. The third yacht in its 60m line can be ready for delivery within two years.

The group’s production plans also include the delivery of the third yacht in the Picchiotti Vitruvius series, a 73m (240ft) motoryacht.