Robert Ranzenbach

Robert Ranzenbach

Quantum Sail Design Group in the US has named Robert Ranzenbach as its new VP of engineering and design.

Reporting to Quantum president Ed Reynolds, Ranzenbach will be responsible for planning and coordinating new product development as well as managing the company’s research, development and design teams.

Ranzenbach is an aerodynamic engineer with over 30 years of programmatic, managerial and technical experience spanning a range of design issues related to sailing and motoryachts, naval vessels, automobiles, airplanes, underwater bodies, and dynamically loaded flexible membrane structures. He is also an avid sailor and has worked as a consultant to the sailing industry.

“Robert understands sailing performance,” says Reynolds. “As a highly experienced technology development leader who has worked in other sectors, he brings a fresh perspective to planning, developing and executing innovative solutions.”

Founded by a group of independent sail-makers in 1996, Quantum claims to be the second-largest sail-making company in the world with more than 60 sales and service outlets. The company has its corporate headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan, and European headquarters in Barcelona, Spain.

Quantum also has sail-making facilities in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the US.