quantumQuantum is to enter the training field with the introduction of its three day course anticipated to kick off in March 2015. The course has come as a response to Quantum clients’ request for more comprehensive crew training.

A module of study for yachting clients will be adapted from the military training that Quantum already offers. Gwen Benoit will head up the training which will be hosted at the company’s Fort Lauderdale headquarters.

On day one students will be familiarised with the fundamentals of stability at sea; on day two crew will gain an understanding as to how the stabiliser system is designed to function for both the hydraulic and electrical systems. The course will include identification of components, deciphering system drawings and navigating the technical manual, standard operating procedures and troubleshooting tips. On day three students will learn about onboard maintenance practicing the tasks with equipment at the training facility.

The course covers the full range of Quantum’s fin stabiliser systems and includes documentation, daily lunch and snacks, representative hands-on equipment and tools, and personal protective equipment. Quantum can also make accommodations and transport arrangements, upon request.