A big advantage for Turkish refit yards is not only about price and high build quality, but also location. Many have direct access to the seas of Marmara and Aegean taking you right into the heart of the Mediterranean

Rachel Redhead reports


 Selah Shipyard


Web: www.selahshipyard.com

Size of shipyard: 45,000m2

Number of slipways: 2

Lifting capacity: 200t

Selah Shipyard in Tuzla was created in 1982 by Selah Industries — a well known group in the auto and machinery sectors since 1954.

Today Selah Shipyard covers some 45,000m2 and includes two slipways and two fully equipped quays for ship repairs and outfitting, with 200t lifting capacity. The yard both builds and refits various vessels such as tankers, container vessels, cement carriers, off shore supply vessels (OSP), fishing vessels and military and commercial vessels. But it also focuses on superyacht refit work having repaired yachts such as the 44m Sea Star and 47m Turquoise, encompassing the benefits and knowledge Selah has of the commercial world.

Selah understands that with the growing competition worldwide, greater standards are required, and has updated its technology and decided to follow IMS (the Integrated Management System).

KRM Yacht


Web: www.krmyacht.com

Maximum length: 80m (262ft)

Maximum lift: 450t

Paint shed: 50m (164ft)

refit1KRM Yacht is unusual in Turkey in that it is the first and only dedicated superyacht refit company in the country as founder Kerem Baser states: “KRM Yacht was founded for the purpose of specialising only in refit. In this context, it is a great pleasure to say that we are the first and only professional yacht company which specialises only in refit, in Turkey.”

Composed of engineers, architects and hand-picked subcontractors, KRM specialises in paint, interior wood, mechanics, hydraulics, hull and superstructures (all materials), upholstery, electrics, electronics, plumbing, piping, glass, engineering, design and metal parts, making it a one-stop-shop. The company has three facilities where it carries out its work; Istanbul, Yalova and Bodrum. Istanbul has room for two yachts up to 60m and a floating dock for 80m yachts, while Yalova has an 80m shed, slipway and floating dock as well as a 50m paint shed; and Bodrum has a 450t travel lift and 60m sheds.

KRM has recently refitted yachts such as the 31m Golden K and 29m Sureyya V.

Pax Navi


Web: www.paxnavi.com

Maximum length: 60m (197ft)

Refit/construction halls: 2

Size of shipyard: 4000m2

Well located in Bodrum along the Turkish Mediterranean Sea, Pax Navi’s facility includes 3,000m2 of covered workshops and sheds, and 1,000m2 of open space. The yard consists of two building and refit halls and separate work floors to accommodate plasma cutting, a mechanical and carpentry workshop, paint furnace and much more. Pax Navi’s sheds are able to take yachts up to 60m in size.

Set up in 2007 by three individuals who have combined their interests, strengths and passions for yacht building and repair, these three shareholders are driven it seems not only by their will, but by their skills to improve the shortcomings they have experienced in their own sea and charter life. That is why Pax Navi is promoted as “value for money” while maintaining “the quality standards and perceptions of today’s megayachts.”

Having mainly focused on new builds until recently, the company is also well acquainted with refit work having finished the complete refit of the 37m Blue Eyes.

Proteksan Turquoise


Web: www.proteksan-turquoise.com

Dock length: 110m (361ft)

Refit/construction halls: 4

Size of shipyard: 25,000m2

refit2The location of Proteksan Turquoise’s yard in Pendik, with direct access to the Sea of Marmara, is known as the gateway to the Mediterranean from the east. It is well located and equipped for refit work of all types with deepwater berths alongside the yard allowing for easy access. Having come together as Proteksan Turquoise 10 years earlier, the company moved to its new facilities in 2007. The 25,000m2 yard hosts four new build/refit halls and a 110m dock.

One very notable yacht refit project for Proteksan Turquoise was Haida G, where

apart from the main engines, almost every other system was replaced and over 100t of steel. This was achieved in a sympathetic style, as the vessel was built over 75 years ago highlighting the skills and workmanship that the company is capable of when it comes to refit and repair.

Managing director, Mehmet Karabeyoglu is keen to point out the advantages of refitting a superyacht in Turkey by stating: “The benefits of refitting a superyacht in Turkey are many, such as quality of finish and the continual favourable prices.”

RMK Marine


Web: www.rmkyachts.com

Maximum covered length: 70m (230ft)

Maximum lift: 685t

Size of shipyard: 95,243m2

refit3RMK Marine, part of the Koc Group, is a huge maritime concern in Turkey specialising in building, repair and maintenance of commercial and naval vessels and superyachts. As one of Turkey’s largest private shipyards the company has been able to dedicate certain areas to superyacht refit and repair only.

Indeed, a total covered area of 8,967m2 is extensive enough to accommodate any refit and service job at the yard. This area houses a 320t mobile lift and three travel lifts (320t, 100t and 40t) as well as RMK’s own designed rail slipway, which can handle 685t yachts with a maximum length of 70m. Plus four large environmentally controlled workshops and an expansive hardstanding area able to accommodate up to 15 yachts at once is included, along with a climate controlled paint facility capable of painting hulls up to 70m and two outfitting and refit docks for yachts up to 200m (657ft).

The department has delivered over 100 refit, conversion, and restoration projects to date and has been kept busy during the global recession as Özgür Numan, refit and restoration manager, comments: “New

builds have been more affected by the economic crisis, but the refit market has continued to live — in fact it has grown to some extent.”

Sunrise Yachts


Web: www.sunriseyachts.com

Maximum length: 70m (230ft)

Size of shipyard: 20,000m2

Lifting capacity: 500t

refit4Although primarily a new-construction shipyard, Sunrise Yachts is looking ahead to more refit and repair work in the future alongside its busy new build schedule.

The yard has already upgraded and invested heavily into a 60m paint shed and next year it will expand its lifting capacity from 500t to 2,000t along with a new floating dock as Fabien Roché, Sunrise Yachts’ COO, explains: “We intend to grow our refit activity in 2014, once we have upgraded our lifting and launching facility to accommodate larger projects. We are now in the paradoxical position to have to turn down projects because of that very reason.”

Sunrise is able to accommodate yachts from 30m to 70m at its 20,000m2 yard; 9,000m2 of which is dedicated to refit work.

Sunrise offers wholly integrated repair, maintenance and renovation services including full design and engineering; structural work; engine and propulsion installation and maintenance; electric and electronic systems; plumbing and piping; and teak deck work.