By David Robinson

Rivergate Marina & Shipyard in Brisbane, Australia, is enhancing its facilities to handle larger superyachts by reaching an agreement with a neighbouring sugar export plant to use a 234m (768ft) berth for yacht work.

The move triples the size of yachts the yard currently has the capacity for, and will help it meet increasing demand and enquiries for larger superyachts to be refitted and repaired in Queensland.

“We are receiving a growing number of enquiries from larger yachts in the 80m-120m (263ft-394ft) range for refit and repair work,” Andrew Cannon, Rivergate’s manager, told SB. “We have reached agreement with our neighbour, Queensland Bulk Terminal, to make use of this berth when available. Previously we could only handle up to 80m, which is the largest berth we have in our marina following reconstruction of our ‘A’ arm, which boosted the size we could take by 20m (66ft).”

He added: “In the last 12 months we have carried out refit work on seven superyachts. We’re really proud of how the business has continued to grow and of this latest alliance. We see this as not only a great opportunity for Rivergate, but for the marine industry as a whole.”

The berth, located only minutes from Rivergate, is highly secure with private and controlled areas, and has fuel transfer capabilities, vehicle, crane and pedestrian access, three-phase power and a potable water supply.

Cannon said: “The seven superyachts we have worked on over the last year were between 40m-75m (131ft-246ft). An average stay is between two and three months and most of the yachts are international, including the US, but also some Australian.

“We are very busy at the moment,” he added, “and currently have over five yachts that we are working on plus two more over 50m (164ft) arriving over the next few days. One is making a return from earlier in the year for more repair work and one is for a quick five-year survey.”

With more large superyachts coming to Rivergate for refit and repair work, the company is increasingly making use of all the facilities available in the Brisbane area. Rivergate operates two travel lifts with a 300-tonne capacity, but also uses the 600-tonne lift at the Brisbane Industrial Marine Park and a 2,000-tonne capacity slipway down the river.

As to its own marina, Cannon said: “We are full. I am hunting for berths, especially for larger yachts. At this time of year we have a lot of cruising yachts visiting us. We offer 104 berths but it is difficult to expand this. For superyachts we have one 80m, two 50m, two 40m and around eight smaller ones for yachts from 30m-35m.”