Royal Huisman has been commissioned convert the famous 42m (139ft) carbon composite offshore racer Mari Cha IV, originally launched in 2003, into a racing yacht with more cruising style comfort.

To be re-commissioned as Samurai, the conversion will be carried out by Royal Huisman’s Huisfit division in Vollenhove for an experienced yachtsman. The client’s mission statement to Royal Huisman was that Samurai must be beautiful, stealthy looking, very fast, elegantly comfortable, technologically advanced and unforgettable to sail.

Modifications to the epoxy carbon fibre structure will provide the keyway for the addition of a new deckhouse, superstructure and cockpits based on exterior designs by Rhoades Young Design who will go to the extremes of weight saving to design a bespoke interior where there was once none.

Technically there will be a complete overhaul and upgrade of the onboard systems, including high- speed hydraulics for the winches, alarm, monitoring, entertainment, navigation, etc. As with everything related to this project weight saving will be the final mark of achievement whilst for practicality a lifting keel will replace her canting keel. A complete new colour scheme, lightweight and easy-to-maintain teak-lookalike deck surfacing will harmonise with updated deck equipment.

Project management will be undertaken by yacht consultant Jens Cornelsen.