The new hybrid propulsion system results from the collaboration between Sanlorenzo, Diesel Center and MTU. The new system comes with five different modes, including navigation with shaft alternator power generation and the shipyard claims it guarantees consumption of 50l/h, at a speed up to 10 knots, with a displacement of 100 tonnes.

Sanlorenzo has introduced the SL106 Hybrid, the new project features a hybrid propulsion system developed by the Italian shipyard with Diesel Center and MTU. The yacht had undergone sea test in Portofino bay.

The hybrid propulsion system designed for the SL Hybrid line reduces fuel consumption and carbon footprint, noise and fluctuations, significantly improving on-board comfort both at sea and at anchor, the shipyard claims.

The SL-Hybrid system has five operation modes:

  • Diesel-electric propulsion: particularly silent up to 9.5 knots.
  • Zero emission hotel mode: no internal combustion engine is required to operate all on board systems while at anchor.
  • Shaft alternator power generation: the economical navigation mode, with a single main diesel engine turned on. The two propellers can be powered and generate enough electricity for the entire yacht.
  • Traditional direct diesel engine propulsion: ensures simplicity and reliability of traditional transmission and guarantees at the same time the traditional fast cruise speed performances of the Yacht.
  • Booster power mode: maximum performance, top speed increased up to 1.5 knots and faster acceleration using Electrical & Diesel power together.
SL-Hybrid system

New SL-Hybrid system has five operation modes

Sanlorenzo says that the navigation mode shaft alternator power generation guarantees consumption of 50l/h, at a speed up to 10 knots, with a displacement of 100 tonnes.

Massimo Perotti, Sanlorenzo president comments: “Our effort on innovation and the strategical partnership with MTU and Diesel Center lead to the best solution for our ship-owners. We are proud to show SL106 Hybrid yacht as the first of its class with no equals in terms of size, performance and comfort.”

With this new technology, Sanlorenzo and Diesel experts did not reduce the available space foreseen for the cabins of the yacht, thanks to the high-density power electric generating system that is completed by lithium-ion batteries.

These batteries are capable of operating the energy demand of the yacht for over six hours at zero emission, even with most of the on-board equipment working.

01 - Sanlorenzo SL106_sb

Diesel Center has operated in the field of supply and design of propulsion and power generation for motoryacht for more than two decades and has always cooperated with MTU, having been founded by the same family that distributed MTU engines exclusively in Italy for over 60 years.

The company claims to be the first to invest and to develop the technology “parallel Hybrid propulsion” in conjunction with variable speed generators. This technology enables the installation of high density power electric generating systems, but with low weight and small dimensions, thanks to the power on-demand management system. The rationale for this is more power supply required equals to an increase in the operating speed of the HyGen.