Patrick Spiteri has been appointed managing director of Sarnia Yachts (Malta) Limited. The new office is based in Floriana, close to Grand Harbour.

Patrick Spiteri

Patrick Spiteri to head the new office in Malta

Sarnia Yachts, one of the largest yacht fiduciaries in Europe, has opened a new office in Malta.

Commenting on the new location, business development director Bruce Maltwood says: “Sarnia has been providing a range of Maltese services for many years and as the Malta business has grown it became necessary to have our own licensed operation based there.”

“We’ve always been a specialist marine fiduciary and with our focus only on the yachting industry, having a presence in Malta makes sense.’

Based in Floriana, close to Grand Harbour, the Maltese office will establish and administer Maltese companies, handle Maltese flag registrations, offer VAT administration, Maltese leasing and other locally-based services for both private and commercial yachts.

The company says that having a team in Malta will allow the firm to give a personal service to clients and captains during their visits to the island and ensure that the yacht can depart promptly.

Management team

Patrick Spiteri has been appointed managing director of Sarnia Yachts (Malta) Limited.

Spiteri’s fiduciary background extends to tax compliance and structure solutions across several European jurisdictions.

Malta is geographically well positioned in the central Mediterranean for yachts transiting between East and West.

In addition, Malta has extended its shipping registry and legislation to become one of the most popular flag states for EU-flagged yachts.

Alasdair Milroy, managing director at Sarnia Yachts, comments: “The extension of Sarnia’s business into Malta is an exciting step. We continue to expand but will always remain focused on customer service.

“Malta offers many attractive options for both commercial and private owners and Sarnia continues to offer the specialist yacht services it has always been known for, with the added convenience of two locations.”

Sarnia Yachts has over 40 years’ experience in yacht ownership and operational services.