By David Robinson

Following the purchase of Dockwise Yacht Transport (DYT) by Sevenstar Yacht Transport for US$40m last November, it was necessary to rebrand the assets bought by mid-January. This has now been accomplished with a new branding of DYT Yacht Transport.

The change follows the purchase of the Dockwise business last March by the Royal Boskalis Westminster Group, the Dutch-headquartered global provider of dredging and other maritime services. As part of the deal, Sevenstar acquired two dedicated semi-submersible yacht transport vessels – the Yacht Express and Super Servant 4. Royal Boskalis sold the yacht transport activity because it did not fit with their core operations.

“It is practically business as usual,” Catalina Bujor, DYT’s PR and marketing officer told SB, “with our routes, offices and people staying the same. The former Dockwise operations will continue basically unchanged.”

Bujor explained that the schedule operated by Dockwise Yacht Transport will continue as was, primarily linking the Caribbean and Mediterranean areas plus the annual sailing to Australia and New Zealand.

Other destinations will now be served using the large Sevenstar global network, as the two separate but linked businesses work together. The first manifestation of the new pairing will be at the Miami Boat Show where they will share a joint stand.