The Dutch company has been named official Yacht Transport Supporting Partner for the Oyster World Rally.

Sevenstar Yacht Transport of the Netherlands has joined the Oyster World Rally as its official Yacht Transport Supporting Partner, providing the participants in the rally with the transport of their yacht where needed.

The Oyster World Rally 2017-19 is exclusively organised for the owners of Oyster yachts. It entails a 27,000 mile circumnavigation extended from 15 to 27 months and comprises four connecting stages. The departure from Antigua is set for January 2017.

“We are very pleased to have Sevenstar come on board as a Supporting Partner for the World Rally,” says Oyster CEO David Tydeman. “As the trusted partner in yacht transport with a long tradition and outstanding reputation we are sure they will provide an excellent service to our Oyster owners. ”

Sevenstar Yacht Transport is a leading provider of yacht shipping services, with a global network of destinations and a fleet of over 120 independent vessels.