By David Robinson

SEYCHELLESEden Island Marina in the Seychelles is near to completing Phase 4 of its development, which will add more than 250m (over 820ft) of space for superyachts.

The new extension will enable this facility, located in Mahe, the Seychelles capital, to accommodate yachts of up to 115m (378ft) or more.

The extension will comprise a new ‘T’ pontoon jetty that will have an outer berthing length of 127m (417ft), plus inside berthing space of more than 100m (328ft) in length. In addition there will be other pontoon mooring space for smaller superyachts.

Christopher Houareau, group general manager for Hunt Deltel & Co Ltd, which owns and manages Eden Island Marina, told SB: “Phase 4 is the final part of development and this will add more superyacht berths to the ones we already have. The new extension is due to be completed in a few weeks.”

Eden Island has been developed over a number of years and is now the largest marina in the Seychelles. In addition to its superyacht berths is also offers around 80 berths for smaller yachts.

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