SOS Yachting is opening a new office, SOS Yachting Spain in Barcelona, on Friday 11 April 2014. The office will be dedicated to providing VAT services to commercial yachts chartering in Spanish waters.

SOS Yachting is an agency offering VAT services to the yachting industry and specialises in fiscal representation and fiscal agency services. It was founded in Italy in 2012 following the enforcement of common VAT regulations throughout the EU. The company later opened a branch in Nice in 2013 in association with Thierry Voisin. SOS Yachting assists a fleet of over 200 yachts with their VAT administrative needs.

Alessandro Mazzoni, CEO of SOS Yachting, explains “Our challenge is to ensure that wherever our clients wish to charter, they can do so with the knowledge that we are providing them with accurate and timely solutions and ensuring that their vacation is stress free”.

The maritime lawyer León von Ondarza, who specialises in maritime law applied to the yachting industry, will be providing counsel and guidance to the new Spanish branch of SOS Yachting from his offices in Palma de Mallorca.