TR Shipping and Superyacht Services Scandinavia have entered into an initiative to attract more superyachts to Sweden. Analysis shows that the trend for visits is to have one good year and one not so good year.

“2014 is one of the poorer years with only eight yachts visiting this year. However, as four of those made consecutive voyages, the number of calls totalled 25. We are hoping to increase the number of superyachts coming to Sweden and to upgrade our service we engaged Superyacht Services Scandinavia to provide concierge services such as fresh provisions. TR Shipping is active in port and ship agency and we can offer complementary support services for superyachts,” Peter Kjellin, a director of TR Shipping, told SB’s sister title IBI.

As part of the scheme, TR Shipping is issuing seven-day itineraries for both the east and west coasts of Sweden and these will receive media coverage in due course. TR Shipping Group is the AYSS (Association of Yacht Support Services) member for Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Kjellin has been involved with superyachts over the past 10 years. “More yachts are coming to Scandinavia to get away from the crowed Mediterranean,” he commented. “Our itineraries go along the rugged west coast of Sweden, exploring picturesque fishing villages all the way down to Gothenburg. They then go on to the 30,000 islands of the Stockholm archipelago on the east coast. This is perfect superyacht and RIB cruising terrain, with a unique area to investigate every day.