By David Robinson

Tahiti Ocean, a leading yacht support agency in Tahiti, has joined the network of Asia Pacific Superyachts (APS). Tahiti Ocean has also been renamed Asia Pacific Superyachts Tahiti.

The move extends the APS network eastwards by a sizeable chunk. Its spread of agencies now extends from the Seychelles and Maldives in the east through key markets such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand to Tahiti. APS also has representation in Hong Kong, Borneo, the Andaman Islands, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

Founded by Etienne Boutin in 1995, Tahiti Ocean is based in Pateete and is a member of the AYSS network. In 2003 Boutin and his former partner, Pascal Pique, set up Pacific Avenues as a travel agency and to offer VIP concierge and travel services to superyachts as well as undertaking chartering. This business is now managed by Carine Herman.

Boutin commented on the new development: “Our company started services to superyachts in this area of the world and helped the local population and authorities understand how to deal with white boats. Since 1995 we have assisted more than 600 motor and sailing yachts from 20m-140m (66ft-460ft), welcomed more than 8,000 owners and their guests, and worked with 4,000 crew members to achieve the unique mix of pleasure, professionalism and self-dedication common to the modern yachting industry.”