The Tahitian government has reduced its charter tax rate from 12% to 5% in a further move to enhance its attraction to superyachts to visit the South Pacific island nation. The news follows the earlier change of allowing yachts to stay duty-free for 36 months.

These moves are aimed at both attracting more yachts and also providing a fiscal incentive for them to stay and potentially use Tahiti as a base for cruising in the South Pacific.

In addition they reflect a regional initiative with other islands, such as Fiji, to draw more superyachts to enjoy the cruising areas on offer.

Pacific islands such as Fiji and Tahiti are working together, along with New Zealand and Australia, in marketing activities to promote the region’s benefits and with attractive chartering regimes for the yachts that take the long voyage to the South Pacific stay for a while.

In Tahiti, for example, it is understood that around 100 yachts have applied for chartering licences over the past 10 years. For a licence to be granted a yacht has to have a value in excess of $1m and offer charters at a weekly rate of at least $15,500 with a minimum of three professional crew onboard.

Both Fiji and Tahiti offer full-service facilities for superyachts with good marinas and repair/refit facilities and active yacht agency and other support services to meet all needs. Tahiti recently boosted its facilities with a new marina that, although mainly geared to serving smaller yachts, offers three superyacht berths of up to 35m (106ft).