By Bahar Öztürk

Kalamış & Fenerbahçe Marina, one of the biggest marinas in Istanbul, is to be privatised through a “transfer of operational rights” for a period of 30 years.

The deadline for tenders is May 12, 2014 and the bid bond is set at US$10m. The tender will be conducted by “negotiation method”.

Eight companies have already shown an interest in the tender, including Fenerbahçe, one of Turkey’s biggest sports clubs. Fenerbahçe football club is an international team founded in 1907.

Kalamış & Fenerbahçe Marina is currently managed by the Setur Marina Group, a management group that belongs to Koç Group. Setur has eight marinas in Turkey and another on the Greek island of Mytilini.

Kalamış & Fenerbahçe Marina has over 1,200 berths for yachts of up to 60m (197ft) in length.