Photo courtesy of Turquoise. © Jeff Brown

Photo courtesy of Turquoise. © Jeff Brown

Turquoise Yachts has announced that it has worked collaboratively with Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard on a fresh new 66m concept.

Commenting on the idea behind the project, CEO Mehmet Karabeyoglu says: “A client for a 60-meter plus yacht is looking for the same uncompromising amenities as a client looking to purchase an 80-meter plus yacht.”

The Turkish builder says the layout of this 66-meter vessel integrates the exterior styling with the interior, optimizing spaces and minimizing any conflict between functionality and the prime real estate.

“Recognizing the demand for a yacht that incorporates “everything,” we are prepared to incorporate elegance, beauty, design experience, fun, adventure, wellness, safety and security. Optimization is the key word,” explains  Dan Lenard of Nuvolari Lenard.