Yacht coating company V.Co Design launches new website in English, French and Italian and presents a new branding ahead of what it claims to be a busy Mediterranean season for the team.

V.Co Design as seen on its Facebook page

V.Co Design as seen on its Facebook page

Yacht coatings company V.Co Design has announced the launch of its new website and branding. The website is designed to be informative and educational, allowing customers to access product information, FAQs and a regularly updated gallery of projects. It is available in English, French and Italian languages.

Sophie Massa, director at V.Co Design, comments: “There was a time when vinyl coatings were treated with an element of suspicion in yachting. But as technologies have advanced and application standards from reputable companies have shown excellent results, this is rapidly changing.

“There is a growing appetite for affordable, environmentally friendly and time efficient self-adhesive films in yachting. At V.Co Design, we work alongside paint companies, integrating vinyl with existing paint systems. As our company is entering the next phase of its development, we can now showcase the outstanding work from our fantastic team via our new website.”

V.Co Design offers coatings solutions for the entire exterior of the yacht, from hull and superstructure protection and colour transformations to biocide-free antifouling options and glass finishes.

The company also works with a range of suppliers to provide a wide selection of interior laminates and finishes that are lightweight and easy to maintain.