Van Cappellen Consultancy, a noise and vibration control specialist from the Netherlands, has built its own testing facility following repeated requests by manufacturers of insulation materials and shipyards to advise them in the search for improvements.

After completing the last stages of the building, the company says it can now offer a new skill – transmission loss testing.

“In our new test facility we are finally able to not only test materials for their Damping Loss Factor (DLF) but also the Sound Transmission Loss (TL) of a partition,” says the company. “Transmission Loss will determine the amount of air-borne noise a certain partition will ‘block’.

“We will use a mixture of sound pressure and the latest technique of sound intensity readings. By using this method, influence of the receiver room geometry, absorption and how the sample is clamped in its position will be minimised.”

Van Cappellen Consultancy has been providing specialist services in noise and vibration control for luxury yachts and merchant vessels since 1984. The company has worked on hundreds of motor and sailing yachts of various types, ranging from 20m-140m in length.