Australian marine propulsion specialist VEEM Ltd has announced its new 2014 Gyro Stabilizer model line-up ahead of this year’s yacht show season.

The models include the VEEM Gyro 120, VEEM Gyro 260 and VEEM Gyro 1000. The name of each model reflects the rated stabilizing torque developed in kNm.

Describing the range, product manager Paul Steinmann says: “The VEEM Gyro models are the first truly powerful gyro stabilizers that can provide strong stabilization both at rest and underway for larger vessels of over 30m length. Our products will continue to operate in rough conditions when other market offerings need to shut down to avoid damage to the gyro stabilizer.”

The first batch of the VEEM Gyro 120 is about to undergo in-factory and on-vessel sea trial testing in the ocean waters off Fremantle, Western Australia. Completed units will be available for shipping in October.

The VEEM Gyro 260 entered production this month and will be available for shipping early in 2015, and the VEEM Gyro 1000 will be available towards the end of 2015.

VEEM will be displaying the Gyro in the SuperYacht Pavilion at this year’s METS.