Australian marine propulsion specialist VEEM Ltd has chosen SAIM Group as its exclusive central European sales agent for VEEM’s Gyro stabilisation range. Following the signing of an MOU earlier this year, VEEM has now agreed territories and principle responsibilities with the Italian marine equipment distributor.

VEEM Gyros are roll stabilisation devices specifically engineered for use on large boats and small ships.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with one of the marine industry’s most respected players and to add SAIM to the expanding roster of global sales agents,” says Paul Steinmann, product manager for VEEM Gyro. “Those working specifically with our range of gyros now also includes CJR Propulsion in the UK and Ship Motion Group in the Netherlands.”

SAIM distributes marine components and equipment to over 3,000 customers along the coast of southern Europe, with operations in Milan, Rome, Viareggio and Bologna in Italy, as well as Mandelieu in France, which is run by its sister company, SAIM France Sarl. The company has sales and service representatives on the Italian, French and Croatian coasts.

“VEEM Gyros are a genuine step change in performance and VEEM’s investment in the latest design and production technology means it is an exciting organisation to work with,” says Marco Dona of SAIM Group. “It was this proposition which first attracted us to work with VEEM – to expand both companies’ global reach and position its gyros as the only choice for superyacht and small ship stabilisation.”

VEEM Ltd designs and manufactures CNC machined propellers, complete underwater gear packages and a variety of other marine-related products, including the patented VEEM Gyro stabilisation system. The company is based in Perth.