VEEM chose this year’s edition of METS to unveil its VEEM Gyro 40. The product is the first in a series of what the company calls four “hugely powerful” models. The latest development has benefitted from almost a decade of R&D and is specifically designed for use on superyachts and small ships.

The company explains that the VEEM Gyro 40 “produces significantly more stabilising torque and higher performance than any rival product”. This is achieved through a ‘Smart Torque’ adapative control system. The product uses a number of patented technologies to provide up to 95 per cent rolling motion attentuation while at zero speed or underway. It removes the need to employ zero speed fins.

One of the product’s strengths is its ability to maximise roll reduction across a wide range of weather conditions, while guaranteeing continued safe operation even in the most challenging of seas. The VEEM Gyro 40 has also been designed to integrate seamlessly with other motion stabilisation systems, autopilots and dynamic positioning products without any need for software interfacing. The system comes with an intuitive 7″ touch screen that can be interfaced to any glass bridge system.

More products will be released over the next four years. Stephen Vincent, global sales manager, told SB: “We consider the European market to be the most influential. We are trying to target the true superyacht builders and consider METS the best platform for this.”

At the launch were representatives from the Vim van der Valk shipyard who plan to place the product in its new Continental Trawler range which has been designed in collaboration with Guido de Groot. The shipyard says the product was chosen due to its compatible size and the good reputation of the company.