UK company Veritais completes major upgrade on the Dubois-designed 43m sailing yacht to improve the audiovisual function and experience throughout the vessel.

Epson full 3D projector outdoor cinema

‘Koo’ is equipped with a fully integrated, ship-wide AV system including an Epson full 3D projector outdoor cinema in the cockpit

Veritais has completed an audiovisual system upgrade on the 43m sailing yacht Koo. Works were completed at Compositeworks in La Ciotat, France.

Headquartered in the UK, Veritais carried out the original installation of the onboard AV system just over three years ago.

The company says the far-reaching software upgrade aimed to improve audiovisual function and experience throughout the vessel. Works include a complete overhaul of the current system and new media server.

An ‘Airport Express’ was installed in the three guest cabins and owner’s cabin so that anyone can play back their music from their own device. This adds to the Airplay unit that Veritais originally installed in key spaces of the yacht.

A new TV lift with some brand new features has been planned by Veritais to enable the Saloon TV to lift in and out of its wood cabinet more efficiently. The company modified the cabinet to install this.

Fully integrated system

The central nerve system of the whole network, the AV Rack, will have a new Rackmount PC installed into it. The new device sports a customised set up for ripping Blu-Ray, DVD and CDs. “It is designed to be capable of running 24/7,” the company explains.

In addition, an external optical drive will be installed in the saloon starboard cupboard for easy access to ripping discs to the PC.

Veritais has also installed a new mini-PC above the engineer’s workstation to run 24/7 so that the yacht’s systems can be controlled from that location. This was also used for remote access and support from Veritais HQ.

Control4, one of Veritais’s key suppliers for total control of audiovisual and networking systems from drawing blinds to heating control and CCTV has just brought out a new release OS2.7, and this has been included in the touch screen applications, which can also be used on individual personal iPhones and iPads.

Once the installation was complete, Veritais undertook a full system inspection and full software and firmware update to make sure everything was operating correctly and gave the crew a training session to familiarise them with all the options on the system.

The company originally provided a fully integrated, ship-wide AV system including an Epson full 3D projector outdoor cinema in the cockpit (pictured), on-board Wi-Fi and lighting control.

The installation comprises eight independent zones, each controlled using the Control4 seven-inch tablet plus an alternative ‘hard-button’ remote and outdoor projector system.