Partnership with US-based glass supplier to promote Vision Systems' dimmable solutions for the marine market across North America.

Dimmable solution

Dimmable solution for a window on the salon of a motoryacht

Vision Systems has joined forces with ProCurve Glass to promote dimmable solutions across the North American region.

ProCurve Glass is a US-based supplier of bent and flat glass for the marine, automotive and rail industries.

As part of the agreement, Vision Systems will deliver prepared subassemblies of the dimmable solution and ProCurve Glass will proceed to the lamination under Vision Systems’ license.

The electronics will be designed, produced and tested by Vision Systems.

The installation of the complete system, including the electronics, will be carried out by ProCurve Glass according to Vision Systems’ recommendations.

Headquartered near Lyon, France, Vision Systems operates a production and sales unit in Florida, the US and a trade office in Singapore.

The company specialises in solar protection and the development of customized entertainment and connectivity solutions.