SC Amethyst is the first vessel equipped with the Slide Hull

‘SC Amethyst’ is the first vessel equipped with the Slide Hull

Dutch yacht design and naval architecture studio Vripack has received a patent protection for its Slide Hull. The proprietary hull design allows for comfort at fast displacement speeds.

Slide Hull is the result of a close and long-term cooperation with returning customer and experienced captain Jaap de Bruijn. Driven by his passion for performance and comfort de Bruijn worked on the optimisation of the hull of his vessel for nearly a decade.

By pure trial and error he made off-book discoveries and shared them with Vripack’s naval architects.

Vripack, together with captain Jaap and Ruud Lievaart, designed the SC Amethyst, the first vessel equipped with the Slide Hull. She is a crew/pilot/survey vessel built in 2014 by Ship Install.

“I just knew that when I was in a gale force with my ship taking out seasoned pilots, everyone was amassed by the soft ride of my boat regardless that we were doing 25 knots in 2,5 metre significant wave heights. They all wanted to go out to sea with my boat,” says de Bruijn.

After hundreds of hours of research, sea trials and empirical comfort studies Vripack managed to capture the essence of the Slide Hull and improved it even further with some 15% efficiency at fast displacement speeds, the company claims.

“The comfort of this hull is described by her sailors like the boat is riding on cushions,” explains Peter Bouma, naval architect at Vripack. “The damping in waves is beyond unique and thus prevents seasickness. Next to that indeed [is] the fuel consumption of our Slide Hull outperforms any other vessel that I have ever seen,” he adds.

According to Bouma, the SC Amethyst uses just 180 litres at a cruising speed of 21 knots, which is really low for a 45-ton ship.

“The lines are placed [so] when the vessel picks up speed the water flows in a way that resembles how you go down a slide, hence the name. Thanks to the Slide Hull we outperform all other competitors in this field,” Bouma says.

Vripack reports that its Slide Hull is specifically designed for fast displacement hull speeds particularly for craft with a large variation in loads.

Currently two more vessels are under construction with Slide Hull.