Merrill Stevens Yachts in Miami has established a website,, for US citizens who want to charter yachts to Cuba. After the announcement of an easing of the travel and trade embargo against Cuba by President Barack Obama’s administration, US citizens can now travel to Cuba without gaining permission from the US Treasury Dept.

Miami-based Merrill Stevens said in a press release that it can now legally book yachts for charter to Cuba without a special license.

Paul Madden, a charter broker with the firm, says he has traveled to Cuba four or five times. “This new wave of visitors will not find adequate hotels or restaurants,” he said in the statement. “Nor can they always expect to have secure Internet or suitable meeting spaces.”

Madden said visitors or business travelers can charter 18m (60ft) express motoryachts to 91m (300ft) superyachts for visiting the island nation. He added that a yacht would provide high-speed satellite communications and five-star accommodations.