By David Robinson

At least five and possibly as many as 20 superyachts are visiting various locations in Brazil for the World Cup according to various local sources contacted by SB. The largest yacht understood to be visiting Brazil is 147m(483ft) Topaz.

Brazil Yacht Services (BYS), which has been operating for the past two years offering a dedicated support service package for superyachts, is looking after five superyachts in Brazil for the football contest.

“We are very busy looking after our clients which are spread throughout the country so it is quite a challenge. We are very happy with the volume of work we have for the World Cup,” Fabrizio Ottoni Limena, a founder and managing director of BYS told SB.

“Our intention,” he added, “since we launched is to make Brazil a viable destination. We have made start but there is a lot more to do. The World Cup is good because it gives us a test run for the Olympics which is in two years. However the World Cup is in several locations whereas the Olympics will all be in Rio.”

Klaus Cacau Peters, business development director of BR Marinas told SB: “There are around 20 superyachts expected for the World Cup, with the majority staying in Rio de Janeiro. Some, due to size, will stay at anchor and will only use our premises as a base. We have managed to get the cooperation of customs and immigration officials to clear boats, with a crew of at least six, at the marina.”