Owners of superyachts who care about deforestation now have the opportunity to make a difference to the environment by becoming, along with their yachts, Ambassadors of Wood Forever Pact, the flagship project of the ‘Monaco makes a commitment against deforestation’ initiative, led by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.

A single donation, calculated according to the yacht’s displacement, which will be entirely directed towards one of the Foundation’s projects (the owner can opt for a particular one), will make the owner and boat Ambassadors.

As well as the knowledge that one has offset the damage already made to the environment due to the use of wood on the vessel (even though the builder may have used certified timbers), benefits to Ambassadors will include invitations to exclusive events, updates on Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Wood Forever Pact projects, the opportunity to network with likeminded owners and an emblem and flag for the yacht.

The one-off ‘offset’ contribution is calculated at 10 euros / tonne displacement (ie a 500-tonne superyacht owner would donate 5000 euros). It is acknowledged that higher displacement yacht construction usually involves the use of more wood and any margins of relative overpayment go towards real action (rather than costly, detailed on-board audits of timbers used).

The Wood Forever Pact guarantees all contributions are 100% used for projects and communications without management overheads being deducted.

“We are happy with the enthusiasm from the industry about Wood Forever Pact but realise that it is superyacht owners who ultimately drive the use of woods from properly- managed forests and certified sustainable sources. This is why, alongside yacht builders, we are now also inviting owners to come on board as Wood Forever Pact Ambassadors. Many owners are already very environmently aware but some will have already bought yachts, perhaps built before becoming so aware, and now wish to make a tangible contribution and help to spread the word.” comments Philippe Mondielli, scientific director, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.