By Murielle Gonzalez Oisel

The Italian Sea Group is in full swing. Headed by its chairman Giovanni Constantino, the group is gearing up for the years to come with the construction of larger projects thanks to its new yard and headquarters located in Marina di Carrara, Italy.

The group, owner of the Admiral and Tecnomar brands, acquired the yard and brand Nuovi Cantieri Apuania (NCA) in December 2013. The 100,000sq m facility features access to the sea, 18 sheds and a total lifting capacity of 1,000 tonnes, including a hoist capable of lifting 200 tonnes. Currently, there are ten superyachts on different stages of construction for projects ranging 30m-50m (98ft-164ft) — eight in build at the NCA yard and another two nearing completion at the Tecnomar yard in Massa. Five of these are scheduled for launch this summer to be delivered to their owners in the Americas and Europe.

The yard has a total lifting capacity of 1,000 tonnes

The yard has a total lifting capacity of 1,000 tonnes

Constantino acquired the NCA yard in a move that is key to the development of the business. With a longstanding tradition in the commercial shipbuilding industry, the yard had completed 145 vessels up to 200m (656ft). Now the facilities and the know-how of the skilled staff will be utilised for the expansion of the fleet in both Admiral and Tecnomar brands.

“Despite the effort to consolidate the brands, we have continued growing and developing new ideas,” explained Federica Lo Franco from The Italian Sea Group marketing department. She told SB that the plan for 2014 includes not only the five launches, but the introduction of two new lines under the Admiral brand. “One of these is the Momentum, which is a yacht that features a more refined style than the Impero, which is very much a masculine line. With the Momentum the aim is to present a more elegant yacht,” she explained. The New Momentum line comprises a 47m and 60m model.

Lo Franco also revealed that a new 140-metre yacht is currently under development and the design is scheduled to be presented to the market in June this year.

 Also in the pipeline for 2014 is a plan to enter the refit market with a dedicated area within the NCA yard. “We are focusing on building yachts, but we are going to kick start the refit business in the second half of the year, but we would probably focus on refit for yachts from 100m and upwards,” explained Lo Franco. “We have noticed that not all the yards in the Mediterranean have the capacity to hoist these large yachts as we are at the NCA yard, so that is our competitive advantage.”

In-house design

Superyacht Business visited the yard the first week of February this year, and the site was buzzing. In addition to the yachts under construction, works are underway for a new shed that will feature a removable roof to aid launches to the sea. Also under construction is a floating barge that will be capable of launching yachts up to 85m in length.

Operation of the yard is focused on lean production. It has a shed with allocated workshops for each subcontractor to work on-site. All subcontractors and suppliers are Italian-based companies.

Alongside the NCA yard is the group’s new headquarters. The facility comprises a 3,000sq m area for offices, including a showroom for the range of materials available for the customisation of the interiors. The style centre is also home to 12 interior designers working in conjunction with a team of 20 engineers from the technical department for the customisation of the layout.

 Although the Admiral and Tecnomar brands have a long history within the yachting market in Italy, the group’s chairman Constantino is trying to renew the fleet towards more elegant and modern lines. “The Tecnomar brand is different from the Admiral because it has a more sporty spirit,” explains Lo Franco, adding that “most of the models in the Tecnomar fleet are planing and linked to a more young and adventurous lifestyle”.

The Tecnomar brand includes four models (Strato, Envy, Nadara, Envy) ranging from 30m-50m (98ft-164ft) in length.

The Admiral brand comprises six displacement models (E Motion, Maxima, C Force, X Lence, Impero in version steel & aluminium and aluminium only, and Regale, the only planing model built in aluminium.

In addition, The Italian Sea Group has added a sailing division within the Admiral brand, and the first 76-feet sailing yacht will be launched this year. The yacht will be on display at the Cannes and Monaco shows.

 “We expect to have more orders for bigger yachts in the coming years,” explained Lo Franco. “At the moment we are in talks for yachts ranging 60m, 65m, and 70m, these are the type of request we are receiving now, and we hope the contracts will be finalised by the end of the year.”

Projects under construction to be delivered in Summer 2014

1.    ADMIRAL IMPERO 37 rph:  an aluminium, semi-displacement 37m yacht featuring a 270 degrees panoramic glass on the main deck. A 4m long swimming pool, and a fully featured beach club. The yacht will be on display at the Monaco and Fort Lauderdale Boat Shows.

2.    ADMIRAL MAXIMA 47: a 47m yacht built in steel and aluminium displacement. Features 2 x MTU 12V 2000 M72 – 1469 hp 1080 kW, five cabins and can accommodate five crewmembers. The yacht will be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show.

3.    ADMIRAL REGALE 45: a planning 45m yacht built in aluminium powered by 2 x MTU 16 V 4000 M93 – 4243 hp featuring maximum speed of 31 knots and cruising speed of 27knots. Also on display at the Monaco Yacht Show.

4.    ADMIRAL CUSTOM 35: a 35m displacement yacht built in steel and aluminium. The yacht has been totally customised to the owner’s request.

5.    TECNOMAR NADARA 40 – a planning 40m yacht built in aluminum

6.    ADMIRAL SAIL SILENT 76 – The first sailing yacht under the Admiral brand. Hull, deck, structure and bulkheads built in composite with infusion process vinyl ester resin, and post-curing process. Powered with a Yanmar Twin 4BY2-150 as its main engine, with the mainsail sheet on Cariboni Magic Trim system concealed under deck.


Yachts sold and currently under construction with delivery in 2015 and 2016:

1.    ADMIRAL IMPERO 37 rph – Aluminum semi-displacement 37m yacht

2.    ADMIRAL IMPERO 40 rph – similar to the above


4. ADMIRAL E MOTION models 52, and 55: These yachts are powered by hybrid propulsion system. The project has been completely customised to owner’s request. Construction is scheduled to begin in March/April 2014. The 52m model has been developed in cooperation with Dobroserdov Design, the office also collaborates with Nakhimov brokerage firm in Monaco

This is a web exclusive article supplement to the new build round-up Italy featured in the Feb/March issue of SB.