Holland based Amels has sold its first Sea Axe 6711 Fast Yacht Support vessel, to be built by Amels’ parent company Damen. The 67m (219.8ft) craft has 360m2 of deck space for the storage and launch/retrieval of water toys and helicopter operations. The 140m2 of internal deck space provides accommodation for 21 crew and staff for the mother yacht.

The main difference between this yacht support vessel and conventional support ships is the Sea Axe bow, for which Damen has exclusive use of patents. This design allows high speeds in heavy seas due to its fine entry angle and a deep forefoot which reduces vertical accelerations and slamming in heavy weather. This reduces the effects of crew seasickness and the need to slow down. A top speed of 25kt is possible and the interior fit out is the same standard as Amels uses in its crew quarters on any Amels superyacht.

Amels handles the sales and marketing for the Fast Yacht Support Vessel range, while Damen builds the vessels.