Burger Boat will be building a research vessel for the Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources. The 60ft boat, named RV Coregonus, will help the state monitor Great Lakes fish populations. It is expected to cost US$2.0m.

“We will continue to focus on the custom yacht market but are expanding into commercial, government, fire and rescue and foreign military,” Ruffolo told The Green Bay Press Gazette. Burger is expected to complete two tri-deck motoryachts this year.

Matt Frank, secretary of the Department of Natural Resources, told the paper that the new research vessel will stay mainly in Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, performing research on fish populations. He said the research was vital to both the commercial and sportfishing populations. Sportfishing alone, he said, has a US$419m economic impact on the region.

Coregonus is named for species that include local gamefish. It replaces the Barney Devine, built by Burger Boat in 1937. “Burger’s manufacturing quality ensures that the Coregonus will be in service for the rest of the 21st century or most of it,” Frank told the paper.