Built from carbon, titanium, teak and leather, the 9m (29.5ft) long C-Boat is the result of boatbuilder Jason Carrington’s idea to produce a fast, seaworthy and shallow draft superyacht tender. Humphreys Yacht Design (HYD) used its knowledge of high-speed leisure vessels to fulfil the brief, including the use of water jets and water ballasting.

The boat’s deep V hull, long waterline length and the advanced design around the water jets resulted in a boat with excellent sea-keeping characteristics, says HYD. The water ballast system uses 250lt (66 US gal) and is used to stabilise the boat and allow it to punch through heavy seas.

When in calm conditions, the C-Boat can reach 45kt and the shallow draft of 0.4m (1.3ft) means it can be used around shallow waters.