A proposed new megayacht marina features as part of a new development strategy to help the Cayman Islands Government overcome its current financial difficulties. McKeeva Bush, Leader of Government Business, has indicated that private finance initiatives and new development policies to help encourage new business and revenues are top of his agenda as a more positive way forward compared to other suggested approaches involving cutbacks and more taxation.

Within this a key infrastructure project is the development of a new commercial port complex away from the capital Georgetown and placed in the eastern districts of the island. This would provide a new protected deepwater port within those confines would be included a megayacht marina. This port would handle containers, fuel and transshipment cargo.

As well as the new megayacht marina about which no further information has been given, Bush also pointed to widening the navigation channel in the North South so that Cayman Island registered superyachts might visit Georgetown which he sees as making a further contribution to the economy. Expanding cruise ship facilities is also a key part of his development plans.

There is a second marina project on Cayman Brac island. Bush has stated that he will support plans to for the island’s salt water pond to be dredged and turned into a marina. Currently superyacht facilities in the Cayman Islands are limited. Yachts up to 46m (150ft) can visit the Cayman Island Yacht Club if available and a new marina is being developed on North South the first phase of which is due to be opened next month. Called the Barcadere Marina this will be able to accommodate yachts up to about 37m (121ft).