This month will see a new yacht repair and refit service centre at Fort Myers in southwest Florida being fully commissioned. The facility, which has taken three years and $25m to develop, is owned by Diversified Yacht Services (DYS), an established company in this sector which now plans to cater for superyachts.

The centre, which will be hurricane-resistant, is equipped with a 150t travel lift, allowing yachts up to 37m (120ft) to be hauled out for repair and refit.

A 5,500m2, 20m (65ft) high climate controlled shed will be used for working on the yachts. The centre also has its own marina, which provides berths for leasing and for working on yachts afloat. Some 20 berths for yachts up to 26m (85ft) are available.

DYS provides a comprehensive range of services for yachts of all sizes, but it has long held an ambition to be able to serve larger craft. The workforce numbers 20 and this is expected to double as the work volume rises.

The company was originally set up in 1994 and acquired by Ryan Levi in 2007. It is a subsidiary of the Illinois-based Levi Ray & Shoup Inc, an international software company.

“DYS has a reputation for quality and reliability that is catapulting growth,” says Levi. “This new facility is a significant milestone for our company and it will greatly enhance the area’s appeal to boaters as well.”

DYS sees its biggest advantage of being able to saving yachts needing its services from a 300nm trip to other locations in Florida.