Farouk Nefzi sees quality as a recession buster “If the recent market downturn has shown us anything it is that yachts which fail to meet the highest standards fail to hold their value.” so states Nefzi, chair of the Holland Yachting Group (HISWA), in the latest issue of Yacht Valley, the group’s publication.

“Modern owners also understand the ratio between quality and value” he adds in making comments about the market and the Dutch yacht building industry, “and even before the recession, when purely economic investments in the stock markets were still reaping rewards, many were ‘throwing their money in the water’ because top quality yachts consistently outperformed the profits being made in shares.”

Nefzi sees the quality of north European yacht builders as the “defining difference” both in general and Holland in particular. “This is no time to be ordering yachts from yards that are not well established”, he warns any potential purchasers, “as you simply don’t know what might happen to the organisation over the course of a three-year build.”

He inevitably praises the Dutch yacht building industry suggesting that such yachts “have always maintained their prices better than those built elsewhere and that is not going to change” he claims. He sights the Dutch characteristics of a no-nonsense approach to business and commerce “which has served the country well over the centuries”. Being prepared for eventualities and “the rich heritage” of the Dutch yachting industry and the companies within it “is inexorably tied up with its history”. The long establishment of a number of Dutch yards is also cited as a key benefit.