Marina owners in Fiji are targeting the superyacht sector with the development of marinas able to accommodate large yachts. Sir Clifford Skegg, who recently opened a new F$4m (US$2.1m) terminal as part of a marina complex in Port Denarau, said there were strong indicators for expansion in Fiji.

“We are already enjoying future bookings at the facilities and with the completion of our dredging programs, we are now able to accommodate the largest superyachts that visit the region,” Skegg told The Fiji Times. He said the next additions to the complex will be a yacht club and marina expansion.

Nigel Skegg, director of the Skegg Group, told the paper that tourism has become the island nation’s largest industry, and that superyachts could play a prominent future role. “This is not about opening a terminal, but rather transforming the tourism transportation corridor, creating a new world of opportunities to benefit the operators, the region and the greater community,” he said. “This new terminal represents yet another step in building a world-class tourism and transportation system and compliments the extension of the commercial fixed and floating jetties, which were also completed this year.”

Uri Kurop, managing director of the Adrenalin Group, said the recent drop in import duties on boats from 34 to five per cent, should also prompt boat owners and resort owners to upgrade vessels.

Skegg agreed that the duty reduction will help new boat sales and expand Fiji’s charter fleet. “We are going to see a great boom in the coming year,” said Skegg.