Composite rigging specialist Future Fibres has formed a joint venture partnership with Persico Spa, an Italian mould specialist, to design and build carbon masts for customers in the grand prix race and superyacht markets.

The new venture, Future Spars, will be located next door to Future Fibres’ rigging facility in Valencia, Spain, and will open for business in July. The company expects to produce its first spar for a leading grand prix race team during the summer.

Persico, which is based in Bergamo, Italy, has over 40 years’ experience in moulds, composites and engineering from the aerospace, automotive and marine sectors.

“We wanted a technical partner who could bring in new ideas from outside of the marine industry, and Persico brings a wealth of experience from the automotive and aerospace world,” says Ewan McLellan, Future Fibres CEO. “I think the marine industry can learn a lot from other sectors, and it’s that wider perspective that we’re looking to bring to Future Spars.”

McLellan says Persico’s experience with high-quality moulds will make it possible to design and build carbon masts that are more easily customised to an individual client’s specification. “We have been listening carefully to our customers and what they are looking for when commissioning a composite rig,” he said. “They want to be involved in the design process as partners and our design flexibility will enable us to fulfil their needs.”