Westhaven, UK-based General Marine Services is expanding its in-house design facilities in response to increasing demand from local boat owners and visiting superyachts.

General Marine Services director Roy Chalton says more boat owners are demanding customised fittings that better reflect the way they go boating.

“This could be a set of custom helipad rails such as the ones we designed and built earlier this year, it could be a new gangway or staircase or it could be some simple, relatively small but very specialised fittings or equipment,” he says.

To cope with the increased demand for high level in-house design work, the company has named Aneel Kesry as the new head of its design team.

Kesry won the prestigious 2009 RINA (Royal Institute of Naval Architects) Student Architect Award for his innovative fold-down “rocket launcher” system, designed especially for those who have difficulty reaching the traditionally high-placed rod holder brackets.

Kesry uses state of the art Autocad and Solidworks programs to create both two- and three-dimensional drawings of specialised fittings and customised pieces of equipment.

“Many of our customers, especially the superyacht owners, are often looking for something unique, something that will set them apart,” he says.

“Not only can we now design that for them but our very skilled fabrication division can then make it for them, too: in steel, stainless steel or aluminium.”