Linked to the plans of Singapore-based Royal Falcon Fleet (RFF) to build 10 41m (135ft) catamaran superyachts over an unspecified period, a contract was signed at the Abu Dhabi Yacht Show with Greenline Yacht Interiors of Dubai for the eight they are not already commissioned to do the interiors for.

To date, work is in progress on two yachts designed by Porsche Design Studio. Two hulls have been built in South East Asia and the first is currently being fitted out by Kockums in Sweden. The second hull is due to be barged to Sweden later this year.

Greenline says that under the new contract and similar to the deal on the first two, it will supply the full turnkey interiors for the yachts including the owner’s, VIP and guest areas as well as the service and crew areas.

Muhammed Zaman, CEO of RFF told SBN: “All 10 yachts will be similar in design but there will be opportunity for owners to customise the interiors. We are currently doing a lot of engineering work on the yachts with the delivery of the first set for early 2012. This series of yachts,” he added, ” are being developed as a branded product and we plan to start a full marketing campaign later this year. We have already received several enquiries.”

“Greenline’s latest technology complements the high quality craftsmanship that transforms our customer’s vision into reality,” said Samir Badro, CEO of Greenline. “We are honoured to continuously have the opportunity to work with the best designers and shipyards that cater for high net worth individuals which help us retain our place among global leaders among the yacht outfitting business.”

The company’s most recent project was the Eclipse, recently delivered to Roman Abramovich.