Superyacht coatings manufacturer Hempel has opened a new factory in the west of Poland which will supply up to 40 million litres of paint a year.

Co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, the new facility will create at least 100 jobs and the new staff have already completed training courses in Denmark, Spain and Portugal to familiarise them with the latest production methods.

“This part of Poland has good infrastructure and its location means we can deliver coatings quickly to customers throughout Europe,” explains Jacob Gulmann, Hempel’s vice president. “We have received excellent local support for the project and are very pleased with the speed in which it was completed.”

“The factory means we’re in an even better position to provide our protective, marine, decorative and yacht customers in Europe with high quality coatings.”

The factory’s new staff will also benefit from an automatic material handling system that eliminates much of the necessary strenuous manual work previously required in paint production.