Jachtwerf Jongert BV has been acquired by a consortium of businesses led by VeKa Group, a firm that owns commercial shipyards in the Netherlands. Jongert, based in Wieringermeer, was turned over to a receiver on May 14.

A majority stake in the company was acquired by investors about a year ago from the Jongert family. Former managing director Jeroen Koot last month told IBI that the company had invested in modernising the shipyard, and had also planned to launch a new series of motoryachts and sailing yachts. But in April, Koot said, the bank cancelled its credit lines and took ownership of the shipyard several weeks later.

The website vraagenaanbod.nl reported that VeKA had posted the news on its website. VeKa Group CEO Peter Versluis said in a statement that his firm and several other partners have taken over the shipyard. Versluis said Werkina Werkendam and DHVG Schiedam would cooperate in the Jongert turnaround.

VeKa was founded in 1998. It builds commercial vessels for the inland and offshore markets from locations in Werkendam and Lammer. The company acquired a third shipyard in Bijlsma in 2004.

VeKA officials and Koot did not return calls by presstime seeking additional information. IBI will update this story as more information becomes available.