In an attempt to balance greenhouse gas emissions from its refit and repair operations, Spanish superyacht yard Marina Barcelona 92 (MB’92) has been offering all visiting yachts to contribute a small fee to carbon offset the shore power used during their stay. In return, the yard matches the action by offsetting an equivalent quantity of electricity used for other activities and operations at the site.

Up to the end of 2009, MB’92 has offset almost 2 million kWh of electricity, the equivalent of the carbon emissions generated by a modern European car doing almost 5 million km on the road.

“Initially, during the first half of the year, just under 20 per cent of the vessels took part in the offset programme. But in the second half of 2009 we have seen a serious growth, with about 50 per cent of yachts participating,” says Bob Wagemakers, MB’92 senior project manager and creator of the carbon offset programme.

“Perhaps a good psychological incentive is the Carbon Offset flags we provide to the participants, an idea of Miquel LLiteras, our operations manager. Not only with our carbon offset programme, but also in other aspects of the shipyard, such as waste recycling, we see an encouraging trend of awareness amongst those involved in superyacht operation.”